How it works

Vibrant Voice Technique uses a vibrating device to quickly and effectively enhance vocal resonance and reduce the muscle tension that can lead to vocal fatigue.

After all, what do the vocal folds do? They vibrate. What is resonance? It is sympathetic vibration. The Vibrant Voice Technique uses series of exercises, like the one shown in the video below, to target specific muscles in the head, neck, and shoulders that are typically associated with vocal tension and fatigue.


  • Learn a new, fast, thorough way to warm up your voice

  • Reduce tension in your neck, jaw, and face

  • Gain a deeper understanding of how your voice works so you can troubleshoot when it’s not working like you want it to


David Ley began exploring what became the Vibrant Voice Technique when a friend and client came to him experiencing intense vocal fatigue. A scope of her vocal folds at the otolaryngologist’s office showed no damage, but she was badly in need of a way to release the tension that was contributing to her voice loss. David knew vibration is something that is commonly used to break down muscle tension – "What vibrates and is small enough to place on the front of the neck?" A lightbulb moment and a subsequent purchase at a Canadian “love shop”. This grew into the Vibrant Voice Technique.

 The University of Alberta video that started it all: 



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