Hello, and thank you for visiting the Vibrant Voice Technique website. The Vibrant Voice Technique is a series of exercises that uses external vibration (aka a vibrator) to help quickly and effectively enhance vocal resonance and reduce the muscle tension that can lead to vocal fatigue. The technique was created by David Ley, Professor of Voice at the University of Alberta.

The company and our training programs have closed. However please consult this archival website for information about instructors who can teach you the technique, information about origins of the technique, and frequently asked questions. If you have questions about VVT, please contact David at [email protected]. And if you have questions about the previously available online course, please contact Elissa at [email protected]

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Sessions are available online and in person with any of our Official VVT Instructors. Each instructor has their own unique practice and designs their sessions differently depending on their expertise. Visit the Instructors page to learn more.

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Navigate to the About VVT page to learn the origins of the Technique, and get your questions - like what device to use - answered on the FAQ page.


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